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Yoga is a lifestyle, and it is only fair that a huge part of your worldview is traveling to places of power. Come travel with us to gain energy and get the knowledge.

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Beautiful Temple in between beautiful tall trees and yamuna maa in the front, Govardhana hills by the side. Bhagwan is so beautiful and Radha by his side.. experience I felt is beyond words. Thank you for RKTNC management and volunteers for making this possible…

Amitha Shetty

Amitha Shetty

We as family visited the temple today and felt so good. Devotee of temple greeted us with so much love and gave us the opportunity to do abhishek,Kirton. It felt so peaceful and calm in the temple. We planned for half an hour but ended staying more than hour. Hope lord Krishna will take us in his temple again
soon. Hare Krishna. Everyone should visit the temple and get lord Krishna’s blessing.

Pianky Paul

Pianky Paul

We often visit Radha Krishna temple. A very divine experience we get always. Temple does cultural activities for both kids as well as adults. It is developing so ample Seva opportunities. Inclusive volunteers. Very serene – Surrounded by trees and has a pond in the center. Nice location too. Great place to meditate or pray.

Tapasya Syal

Tapasya Syal


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