24 Hours of Akhand Mahamantra

**A Divine New Year: 24 Hours of Akhand Mahamantra at Radha Krishna Temple**

The new year dawned upon the Radha Krishna Temple of North Carolina in an atmosphere filled with
divine vibrations and spiritual fervor. The temple became a haven for devotees from various places,
including NC, NY, and Canada, who gathered to participate in the momentous occasion of Akhand
Mahamantra singing.


The spiritual journey commenced at noon on December 31, with devotees engaging in continuous
singing until noon on January 1. The temple pulsated with vibrant energy as the echoes of the sacred
mantras reverberated, creating a divine aura that embraced everyone present.

People from diverse backgrounds came together, united by the common thread of devotion.
Throughout the 24 hours, the temple offered meals and beverages, ensuring that the physical needs of
the devotees were taken care of as they delved deep into their spiritual journey.



As the night unfolded, the temple witnessed a crescendo of devotion, especially in the early hours.
Devotees sang the names of God with ecstasy, and the temple resonated with the joyous sounds of
bhajans and divine melodies. The contagious spiritual fervor encouraged many to express their devotion
through dance, creating a scene of pure bliss.

The final hour of the Akhand Mahamantra was transcendent. Devotees sat in deep meditation, their
minds wholly engrossed in devotion. The culmination of 24 hours of continuous singing was met with
elation, as devotees eagerly awaited the words of wisdom from Swamiji.

Swamiji’s discourse provided a profound and insightful conclusion to the spiritual marathon. The
gathering then participated in the Mantra Purnahuti, a sacred way to conclude the 24 hours continuous
singing. The atmosphere was charged with positivity, leaving everyone with a sense of spiritual
fulfillment and a renewed commitment to their spiritual journey in the coming year.

Mr. Raj aptly expressed that participating in the 24-hour Akhand Mahamantra at the Radha Krishna
Temple was the best way to step into the new year. Personally, I am immensely grateful that my family
and I chose to be part of this divine experience. Words fall short in describing the profound and uplifting
emotions that enveloped us throughout this spiritual journey. The temple provided a sacred space
where the collective energy of devotion and the continuous singing of the Mahamantra created an
atmosphere that transcended the ordinary. It was not just a transition into a new year but a soulful
immersion into the divine, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts.



Mrs. Smita shared her profound experience, expressing a special connection she has always felt towards
the deities at the Radha Krishna Temple of NC. However, the Mahamantra singing took her spirituality to
an entirely different level. She conveyed heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated team of volunteers at the
Temple who went above and beyond to ensure the comfort of the devotees. The immense energy and
divine aura left her in awe, making it challenging to articulate her feelings adequately. Mrs. Smita
declared that participating in this Mahamantra event was the best way for her to welcome the new
year, and she fervently requested that the Temple organizes this divine gathering every year.

The 24-hour Akhand Mahamantra at Radha Krishna Temple was not just an event; it was a collective
spiritual experience that brought people together in the pursuit of divine connection. As the temple
doors opened to the new year, the echoes of the Mahamantra continued to resonate, serving as a
beacon of spiritual light for all who participated.


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